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Information Related to the Office365 E-Mail Migration.

CCS employee e-mail is being moved from its current location to Microsoft Office365.  New Accounts will be created in small groups and will be in no particular order. 


To see if your account is available, just follow the instructions below: 

  • To Get Started, go to the Office365 Portal:
  • Sign in with your organizational account:  Type in your school e-mail address.  For Example:
    • Office365 should take you directly to the "Getting Started" page.  You may receive a prompt to put in  your UserName and Password.  The Username is your FirstName.LastName only and the Password is the password you normally use to login to Windows or Webmail. 


Once you see that your new Office365 account is active, you should stop using your old e-mail method and use Outlook within Office365 to see your current e-mail, calendar, contacts, etc.  Any new e-mail received will be forwarded to your new Office365 mailbox.  You will no longer receive e-mail in your old mailbox.  If you notice that you have not received any e-mails in a while, go check to see if your Office365 account has been activated.  It may take some time for all of your e-mail to move, but eventually, your e-mail as you remember it in your old mailbox will arrive in the new one.


Office365 on your SmartPhone:

If you are currently checking school e-mail on your phone, you should only have to edit your current account and make the following changes:

  • Server:
  • Doman:  Leave Blank.  If you had ccs or ccs.local in there, clear it out.
  • Username:
  • Password:  Stays the same.
  • Use SSL:  On

Of course, you'd only do this after you've successfully viewed your Office365 account from a computer.


Regarding the Equal Opportunity Signature Statement:

When you begin using the new Office365 e-mail, you'll no longer need to edit your own signature to include that long Equal Opportunity Policy.  Office365 will automatically append that for you.  If we have future changes, we'll edit it in the one place and the change will be automatically appended to future outgoing e-mail.

 If you are currently using your Office365 account and you created that signature, you may go in and delete it.  If you're still using your old account, leave the current signature in there.


An Alternate Web Address for Connecting to Office365

If you are already logged into your computer at school, this like will take you directly to Outlook without having to login again.