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National School Breakfast 2017

Breakfast at School: Fast and Healthy Food for Thought

Want your students to be more alert, focused and ready to tackle the day's academic challenges? Encourage them to eat breakfast. Not just on test days, but every day of the year. It's well-documented that breakfast eaters are healthier and more energetic throughout the day.

Breakfast Improves Academic Achievement and Behavior

Eating a nutritious breakfast helps students achieve the classroom goals that you've set for them. National studies consistently confirm that breakfast helps kids concentrate, think, behave and learn. Eating breakfast:

· Improves children's classroom performance, including better test scores and grades

· Increases children's ability to focus and concentrate on school work

· Decreases behavior problems, tardiness and visits to the school nurse

· Increases attendance rates

Just as important, when students routinely start their day with breakfast, they learn habits that carry over to their teen and adult years, and serve them for a lifetime