Folder CCS Attestation (all nine schools) (1 Files)
pdf file 2014-2015 Attestations
Folder CCS SIR Report (1 Files)
pdf file Covington County Schools Incident Report Summaries
Folder Covington County Schools Anti-Harrassment Policy/ Form Included (1 Files)
pdf file CCS Anti-Harrassment Policy/ Form
Folder Covington County Schools Vision and Mission Statement (1 Files)
pub file CCS Vision & Mission Statement
Folder Letter from Representative Hammett about the Parent Toolkit (1 Files)
doc file Letter from Representative Hammett about the Parent Toolkit
Folder Pandemic FLU Preparation (2 Files)
pdf file Pandemic Flu Cleaning
pdf file Pandemic Flu. Easy Steps
Folder Pandemic Flu Preparedness (2 Files)
zip file K-3
pdf file Pandemic Flu Letter
Folder Parent Right -To- Know Information (3 Files)
pdf file Parent Request Teacher Qualification Form
pdf file Parents Right-To-Know Information
pdf file PPRA Letter
Folder Policies & Procedures (5 Files)
pdf file Anaphylaxis Allergy Management Prevention
pdf file Homebound and Hospital Instruction Policy
pdf file Possession of Weapons and Firearms Information
pdf file Service Animal Policy
pdf file Truancy Notice Letter
Folder Alabama Graduation Exam Dates (0 Files)
Folder Code of Conduct (1 Files)
doc file 2017-2018 Code of Conduct
Folder LEA Certification for Required Annual Meetings of Title I Parents (1 Files)
doc file LEA Certification for Required Annucal Meetings of Title I Parents
Folder Parent Surveys 2013-2014 (10 Files)
doc file Covington County Schools Combined Results
doc file Fleeta Junior High School
doc file Florala High School
doc file Pleasant Home School
doc file Red Level Elementary School
doc file Red Level High School
doc file Straughn Elementary School
doc file Straughn High School
doc file Straughn Middle School
doc file W.S. Harlan School
Folder Parental Involvement Plan/Policy, Newsletters, Complaint Forms, and Tips (7 Files)
doc file Eight Action All Parents Can Take To Eliminate Bullying
pdf file LEA Parental Involvement Plan 2013-2014
doc file Parental Involvement /Title I Concerns Procedures
pdf file PIPE Brochure 2013-2014
Sub Folder Home & School Connection Newsletters (3 Files)
pdf file 01 September 2013
pdf file 02 October 2013
pdf file 03 November 2013